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How Much Should You Pay Your Sitter?

msmbe.org - For older generations, it was standard to just allow kids to watch TV. In today's world, parents are more cautious about how kids spend their time. Today, trends are pointing toward more intentional parenting, a strong awareness of present dangers and a desire to make play serve a role in improving a child's chance of success in the world. Together, these trends mean that casual child care arrangements are a thing of the past, while the need for on-demand, reliable care has not lessened at all.

Sometimes, it's simpler to just stay home than to find a sitter who fits your budget and lifestyle. Like any service that straddles both the informal and formal economy, the variation in quality and cost is too confusing to navigate. You don't want to be overcharged, but you don't want to shortchange the person charged with watching your child. Anyway, how do you really know if this person is a good fit for your family? msmbe.org

Luckily, it is possible, and the right tools make it easier. But before you begin interviewing potential sitters, make sure you know what you can afford to pay and how much your future sitter likely expects.

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